Welcome, this is a blog: by pastor nick.

I’ve decided to take the opportunity to write semi-regularly. I am doing so because I believe there is a need for pastors to reflect on, and articulate, what they are learning and thinking through, for their own sake and for that of the people they minister to. What I intend is that these blogs be an up-building and encouragement to the Body of Christ (myself included). If I was to guess at what I might often write about, practically speaking, it would be: being a husband, a father, & a pastor, and how all of those vocations, or callings, intersect with one another. Basically, as a pastor, husband, and father, I intend to answer the question: what does God’s Word say?

The call of a pastor, I believe, is to bring the Word of God to people in all ways–all that he as pastor says and does.¹ The call of a husband, similarly, is to bring the Word of God to his wife in all that he says and does with regards to her. The call of a father (you see where I’m going with this), is the same–but to his family. These are separate, and yet they are one in the same–communicating God’s Word. It is because God loved us that we can love in turn! I cannot truly love my family and put them above all else, unless God took it upon Himself first to do that for them and for me. That is where all true love is rooted: the Gospel. The Gospel, in fact, is the short answer to the question of what God’s Word says. It is also the basis for my call as pastor, husband, and father.

I am new to all three of these callings. I began as my wife’s husband on June 13, 2015. I/we began serving our church July of 2015. And, we are now parents to 2 children. You might be doing the math in your head wondering how that’s possible–I will explain.

My wife and I take very seriously the claim & assumption of Scripture that life begins at conception (Ps.51:5, 139:13-16; Jer.1:5; Luke 1:39-45). We became pregnant right away, and with much fear and trembling praised God for the gift of life that was inside my wife’s womb, preparing for the blessed calling to be parents. We then lost our baby in a miscarriage… This is one of those of those times where pastor meets husband meets father.

How does a husband minister to his wife in the midst of losing their first child?

How does a Christian father properly handle the death and burial of the families first and yet unborn child?

How does a pastor, in all he says and does in the midst of this, bring God’s Word to the congregation, preaching and teaching what the Lord has to say about a situation like this? About life? About death? About resurrection?

How do you take on the task of speaking the very Word of God in the midst of this?

How indeed…

Luckily, it is only by the grace of God that I am called to be my wife’s husband, my children’s father, and the churches pastor. I need to hear the very Word of God as much as the congregation does. And so, as we go through that which the world has to offer, we continue to listen to the Gospel, lean on the Gospel, and proclaim the Gospel. I hope you’re starting to get the idea.

As said by one of my favourite emcee’s of all time: life don’t rhyme. And like Propaganda once said: I ain’t got an answer, but I know who’s got the answer: God does, it’s the Gospel.

Welcome, this is a blog: by pastor nick.

¹”Every pastor is responsible for communicating Christ and for ministering God’s Word, at all times, to everyone, and in many ways. Ministering the Word of God to the people of God is the pastor’s lifeblood.” (Vanhoozer, Kevin J., and Owen Strachan. The Pastor As Public Theologian: Reclaiming a Lost Vision. p.2, 2015.)

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